Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipient for Community Service


Bonnie Ainsworth
Ward One
Barrie, Ontario


Bonnie's campaign is self funded



Constituent Reports

Apparently because I sent Town Hall Announcements to the City’s Graphic Designer to have them prepared for printing I am not allowed to show any of those announcements here.

Let me just say the Mayor and I have had many very enjoyable Town Hall Meetings in the Ward – at least two a year. Your attendance and participation has been much appreciated.      Bonnie

Around the Ward Spring 2014

Well wasn’t that a winter!

Did the sidewalk plough grind up your boulevard?  Any work you can do will be greatly appreciated and likely faster. However, there is help available to repair your boulevard and sidewalk when sod is available (usually late May). If interested you need to call and get on the Service Request List.   705-739-4255  

In case you are wondering ~ ( Hwy. 400 – Duckworth & Cundles):  After a long harsh winter, interchange improvements are starting up again. This year we will see completion of: Cundles Road (to Duckworth), JC Massie Way, Hwy. 400 SB Structure finished to the deck as well as several new Ramp Detours.

For more detail visit Barrie.ca/DuckworthProject or call 705-719-5975. 

Don’t forget: Starting in April plastic and retail grocery bags, empty dry paint cans and aerosol cans (no lids or nozzles) can be added to the recycle bin.  Please join me in dragging out that green bin and giving it another go. If you need a bin call 705-739-4219 for free delivery and ask for a list of what are acceptable items in the organics program. Hope to see more green bins on the curb in Ward 1.

Citizen’s Initiative ~ Lights in Strabane Park:  Kudos to Hal Booey who took the initiative to put this suggestion forward on Access Barrie as well as to all those who participated to help reach the required 500 votes. Well done!

Neighbourhood  Event ~ Barrie East End Social:    I have not heard from the BEES yet this year but checking their Website note the event is scheduled for Saturday, May 24, from 11am-9pm at Strabane Park.  The annual event is put together by like-minded individuals in the Ward 1 area under a mission statement to “Promote and foster positive community involvement and interaction, provide fun and a creative environment for children of all ages, promote the viability and profile of East End Barrie, and support a great cause Rainbow’s Canada of Barrie, helping children with grief support dealing with a loss.”  Just a very fine group of volunteer people ~ come out and enjoy the fun!

Waterfront Parking Passes:  I have forever been asked why people from out of town are not charged to use or water front parks and beaches.  Starting July 2 visitors will need to purchase a $60.00 monthly parking pass or pay $3.00 hour with a daily maximum of $15.00.  Your passes are to be mailed out in your water bill April 10 - June 6.  Renters, condo owners, etc. can pick up their parking pass as of June 2 at Barrie City Hall as well as Community Centres.  Please note this is not just for downtown but also includes our Johnson’s Beach parking lot.

Transit – Proposed route revision 2014: Combining routes 8 & 10 to create a single more reliable route and improved schedule that directly addresses the concerns expressed by the public regarding the poor reliability of route 10.  Additionally the new single route will provide service to all major transfer destinations as well as medical, employment and residential areas.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Town Hall on the 27th to get answers to questions important to you.  I take this opportunity to wish you and your family Happy Easter and safe fun filled summer!                    Best regards,  Bonnie


Around the Ward 4/2014


#1 Blake Street Apartments 27-31 Blake Street

5 Storey, 35 Unit Apartment Building,

7 Units per floor with a roof terrace.

Status: Waiting for Applicant to submit formal

Site Plan Application.

#2 Lake Simcoe Motel

End use unknown as of this date.

Status: No application submitted

#3 Kempview Bowl Site 376 Blake Street

21 Unit Townhouse Complex.

Status: Preliminary Site Plan Application.

Building Permit Imminent.

#4 Belcourt 345 Blake Street

Semi-detached Home

Status: Application granted by Committee of Adjustment Dec. 2013.  Applicant has 1 year to meet conditions. 

#5 Riverbank Homes 429 Blake Street

Seniors Affordable Housing 3-storey, 38 unit bldg.

Status: Preliminary Site Plan Application. Conditional Building Permit issued.

#6 Georgian Meadows 254 Penetanguishene Rd.

300 Bed – 6 stacked Student Townhouse Buildings. Site Plan Application granted a one year extension to June 11, 2014

Status: No additional comments to add at this time.

#7 RVH Parking Lot

 27 Gallie Court & 145 Dunsmore Lane

RVH 335 Stall Employee Parking Lot 

Status: OP and Zoning Amendment pending. No submission date for formal Site Plan Application has been indicated. 

#8 Georgian Drive Student Housing, 290, 294, 298, 302, 306, 310 & 314 Georgian Drive.

Phase 1 =  2 buildings each with 75 units x 4 =

600 Bed Rooms this phase.

Status: Waiting for Applicant to submit formal Site Plan Application.


Neighbourhood Renewal Program:

A cost effective, long-term strategic approach

to renew and rebuild roads in existing neighbourhoods.  I am so pleased to report

the first project has been Labeled North Shore ‘A’, is in Ward 1 and will be carried out in 2014.

Highland Ave.  & Rodney St. Construction

On Highland Avenue the reconstruction extends from Cook Street westerly to Rodney Street; on Rodney Street the reconstruction extends from Highland Avenue southerly to White Pine Place, and through the un-opened right of way down the hill to Collingwood , including reconstruction of the stairway.

2014 Design Projects for 2015 Completion:

Rodney, Mountbatten Rd.  and Crescent:

Rodney Street, the design extends from highland Avenue northerly to Napier Street.  On Mountbatten Road/Crescent, the design extends from Duckworth Street easterly to the cul-de-sac bulb. 

Gove Street, Duckworth Street to Nelson:

This segment of Grove Street is being designed to be repaved in 2015.  The design includes removing the pavement full depth and replacing it with new asphalt material.

Rose Street, St. Vincent St.  to Blue Mound Drive:

This segment of Rose Street is being designed to be be repaved in 2015.  The design includes removing the pavement full depth and replacing it with new asphalt material.

Traffic Calming:

Speed Bumps on :

 Arthur, Bernick, Tunbridge and Mayor Lane

Speed Boards on:

Ambler Bay, Dunsmore and Vancouver

Around the Ward 12/2013

Proposals for Student Housing Buildings:

300 Beds on Georgian Drive Phase 1

300 Beds on Georgian Drive Phase 2

376 Beds on Penetangushine Road

I don’t have a start date for any but look forward to this alternate student housing giving some relief to our near campus neighbourhoods.

Senior’s Affordable Housing Apartments; 

A three story 38 unit building on Penetangushine Road behind Schmidt and Shaw. The developer has an agreement with the County that 32 of the units will remain Affordable Housing for Senior’s for 20 years.

Hwy 400 - Duckworth & Cundles;

For a complete list of improvements visit Barrie.ca/DuckworthProject or call


Construction is expected to be completed in the

Fall of 2016. This work will address today’s traffic congestion in the area and provide capacity for the traffic volumes projected for 2031.  It also brings a 400,000 square foot mixed-use regional shopping centre to the corner of our Ward.

Dunsmore Park

The proposed Dunsmore Park is at the top of the Ward and has been waiting longer than 10 years for development. This year I was able to get Operations to improve landscape on the Cheltenham side and look forward to working with the community and staff for a 2015 park opening. I will hold a neighbourhood meeting for those interested next year.

North Shore Trail

I have heard many positive comments about the new Look-Outs (as well as the opened up views) for users as they travel along the trail beside beautiful Kempenfelt Bay with a renewed confidence in their safety.  Public access to the water’s edge was part of the original NST Plan and something I intend to press for in the coming months.

Lake Simcoe Motel

I feel very disappointed I am unable to give much information on the status of this now very run down looking development.  I am hoping the owner will come forward with at least some plans for demolition in the near future.

Kempenfelt Bowl Site

Last I checked the Site Plan Agreement for this

21 Unit Townhouse Complex at 376 Blake Street had not been registered and the Applicant had not yet applied for Building Permits.


 As we are all acutely aware many of the roads in our Ward are well past their replacement date and are riddled with potholes and patches.

Road reconstruction is about $1M a Km.  There is/has not been funding from any other level of government for road reconstruction and it is tough to pull that kind of cash out of Reserves. Even the City’s Infrastructure Master Plan totally ignores replacing roads at the end of their cycle. I hope I am able to convince Council to add road reconstruction into the 20 year Capital Budget Plan forcing a dedicated annual amount for roads left behind by galloping growth initiatives of the past.


Many Ward Residents were caught in terrible predicaments during the new Transit System debut. The #10 is a very popular Route with so many riders the bus needs to stop more often and for longer than was anticipated.  Significant changes are underway to correct this lateness problem. Ward riders will also be pleased that the Johnson Street stop by the No Frills Plaza will be back in operation during mid-day.  As we look forward towards faster and happier riding days ahead, I have taken the liberty of conveying our sincere thanks to Mayor Lehman and City Transit Staff who stuck with us during this time of change and turmoil.

Bi-Weekly Garbage Pick-Up

I admit falling off use of my green bin.  In view of all the information recently provided by staff, I am going to get it out and give it another go.  Councillor Strachan suggested I keep old newspapers handy and wrap everything up before I toss it in the bin.

Speed Bumps

No I have not forgotten you asked me for speed bumps on your street.  The problem is they are in high demand and on short supply.  Many Councillors including myself consider speed bumps a temporary and bandage approach to traffic control and have asked staff to look into more permanent solutions.

I know this is a very busy time of year.  I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I will be pleased to see you at the Town Hall if you can make it.


                                                Best Regards,







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