August 25, 2011

Bonnie Wrote to the Barrie Examiner

I am not a world traveler; however, since his retirement my husband and I have been on several airline and motor tours visiting many cities and towns doing “the tourist thing”.

In my travels, I normally make a bee line to scour all shops (which normally line both sides of the “main” street). Jim wanders or just sits on a nearby bench “people watching” wondering when I will finally come up for air and suggest we go for lunch.

Recently, I called a friend and invited her to join me for lunch in our uptown. It was a lovely sunny day. We had a scrumptious lunch and continued to make our way weaving in and out of many intriguing stores offering goods of all sort.

She took home a beautiful dress to wear to a summer wedding (purchased at an amazing women’s apparel shop) as well as a quilt kit from another store for a friend’s newborn grandchild.

We looked at gadgets, laughed at napkin and greeting card humour, bought candles, tried on shoes and jewelry and ended our day with our feet up drinking lattés in the gorgeous surroundings of Fred Grant Square.

My friend turned to me and said “Bonnie you are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful city.” She raved about Dunlop Street – its beauty and shops and said she had driven along Lakeshore Drive on her way to my house and could not get over the stunning waterfront parks and gardens along the way.

Since that day I have found myself pondering places I have toured and thinking about how Barrie stands up against other communities I have enjoyed. I am sure many of you have heard the saying “you are leaving a better place than you are going to”. My husband has said this to me more than once and in retrospect I have to say I agree with him. There are not many places out there that can top Barrie.

Kudos to our horticultural department for their spectacular work beautifying our City and thanks to everyone contributing to the magic of the downtown/uptown transformation; well done.

I encourage everyone to call up a friend and make a date to stroll uptown and take in this wonderful place to visit - right on your doorstep.

On another note I would like to add I am very pleased with my decision to return to Council. The Citizens of Barrie sent some pretty fine people to represent them, including our new Mayor. Although we don’t always agree it is obvious everyone’s ambition is the good of the City. With the help of excellent staff – we come up with a right decision (for the most part).

Thank you Ward 1. I am proud to be your City Hall liaison and Public Representative. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone