August 25, 2011

Bonnie Wrote to the Barrie Examiner

Most people are familiar with the widely accepted “Broken Window” theory of urban behaviour. “An orderly and clean environment sends the signal that this is a place which is monitored; people here conform to the common norms of non-criminal behaviour. A disordered environment which is littered, vandalized and not maintained sends the opposite signal: this is a place where people do as they please and where they get away with that, without being detected. As people tend to act the way they think others act, they are more likely to act "disorderly" in the disordered environment.”

I think, thanks to City of Barrie By-law enforcement regulators, Georgian College co-operation and Barrie Police Service enforcement strategies real progress is being made in our Georgian College area neighbourhoods. We need to stay vigilant and ask you let me know about abnormal activities, property standard problems and improper parking, etc. Without doubt the planned student housing complexes will provide more elbow room and further improve our community by offering alternative additional living and parking options for students.

I also ask Ward 1 Constituents to note municipal address locations of Graffiti and to let me know so I can report it. I have been working with staff on this issue and I am happy to say City Staff are in discussion with Utility Companies seeking co-operative as well as more stringent regulation over Graffiti removal from their utility boxes on city streets. I have plans to ask Crime Stoppers to sponsor a REWARD for information leading to the conviction of these nuisance scribblers.

If you see Graffiti and stickers on Mail Boxes or those Gray Boxes around our streets; the ones used by Carriers to pick up mail for distribution please call Canada Post 1-800-267-1177 (enter Zero) – and report to Customer Service. Keep calling back until the Graffiti is gone.

The $1 million dollar Road Revitalization Program did not go as far as expected and only 14 of the listed 22 received attention prior to the program running out of money. My apologies to residents in Ward 1 who I notified to expect road improvements that failed to show up. Rest assured as a Member of Council I will continue to represent roadwork in old Barrie neighbourhoods. One man called saying he has lived in his home since 1952 and has never seen a paver!

The North Shore Trail is starting to shape up. Two Lookouts and several access opportunities between the path and the trail have been constructed. Views are starting to open up and work along the shoreline will begin in the spring.

Feeding wildlife is usually well intended but often results in negative consequences - not only for the animals. We have a serious increase in wildlife population in the Ward that must be corrected. I don’t believe in over regulation and try to support a live and let live philosophy; however, sometimes rules have to be made. Many people are losing enjoyment of their property and that’s just not fair.

Bonnie Ainsworth